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Photography by Dale Hudjik
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Themed Photo Archive

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Ice on Whyte, Cookie Happiness, Snow Tunnel, Second Snow, First Snow, Thunderstorm, Silly Parade, Summertime, Avid Reader, Where the Dinosaurs Roam, First Snow, The Colours of Cariwest, Banff, Old Strathcona Parade, Serenity, Photography School, Garden, Family Day, Snowy Day, Best of 2007, 2007 Miss Cariwest, Union Station/The Forks, Grandma's Garden, Train Vacation, A Summer Dragonfly, Autumn, Jewel Spider, Thirsty, Four, Heritage, Gold, Lacewing, Summer, Hummingbird Moth, Poverty, Motivation, Eye Spy, Tree, Bubbles, Spring?, Spring, Cedar Waxwings, Squirrel, Winter Chill, Pink, View, Happiness, Cold, Winter Blues, Ice, Pattern, Worn, First Snow, Hat Dance (La Raspa), Warmth, The Mall, Autumn Sanctuary, Autumn Fun, The Broad View, Autumn, Heart Burn, Burn, Leaf Map, Divine, Burning Incense, Eggs, Its Easy?, Breakfast, Communication, Kindergarten, Friend, Summer, Order, Habanero, Morning, Being Two, Violet, Mt. Robson, Bald Eagle, Alberta, Sunlight, World, Somber, Garden, Seeds, Experimental, Ending, Attractive, Flight, Rainy Daze, Open Air Theatre, Strength, Fireworks, Abandoned, Used, Cleaning Up, Dragonflies, Fragile, Edmonton Flooding, Love, Art, Timeless, Close Up, Natural Ending, Wild Rose, Edmonton, Canada, Thousand Days, Nerd, Tranquillity, Orchids, Bourbon, Pinwheel, Seeds, Symbol, Book, Tea, Abandoned Houses, Rain Dance, Dandelion, Butterflies, Blue, Frog, Click Beetle, Flower, Feather, Strange, Grate, Fiery Sunset, Music, Sad Eye, Pinecone, Zebra, Window, Plastic, Street, Soft, Forest Fire, Food, Think About It, The Photographer, Friday, Weather Vane, Painting, Faces, Northern Hawk Owl, Trail, Musical Organ, Fog, Homestead, Sleigh Ride, Bedroom, Motodrome, I, Robot, Rural II, Music, West Edmonton Mall, Luscious, Warm Day, Youth, Stray Birds, Crowded, Shadow, Signs, Fun, Metaphores, Silhouette, Snowy Owl, Sodium Light, Toys, Gas Meter, Urban II, Light, Urban, Abandoned, Reflexions, Geese, Prosperity, Round, Everyday Thing, Morning, Birds, Window, Northern Lights, A Weekend, Radiant, Still Life, Lunar Eclipse, Elk Island, Happy Mess, Statement, Wondrous World, Color, Outside, Inside, Unexpected, Snowy Gate, Fantasy, Blind, Beginnings, Furry, Imaginative, Domestic, Light, Sunset, Abstract II, Muttart Conservatory, Blossom, Fruit, Confusion, Simple, Pets, Modern, School, Analog, Action, Tranquility, Thirst, Late Night, Sunset, Found, Distant, Mother, Sadness, Shadow, Ocean, Cotton, Empty, Cool, Wings, Sticks&Stones, Father, Cliche, Pathways, Clouds, Eye-catcher, Aged, Fashion, Bend, Ground, Journey, Machine, Askew, Landscape, Indispensable, Wrong, B&W, Strain, Wet, Parts, Ring, Simplicity, Play, Twisted, Cargo, Natural, Purple, Spring, Junk, Oops, Curves, Self Portrait II, Noise, Self Portrait I, Discovery, Heavy Metal, Hometown, Atmosphere, Beautiful, Discarded, Neglect, Television, Hands, Morning, Sport, Golden, Clean, Bike, Transportation, Perspective, Desperation, Glass, Industrial, Unfinished, Green, Status, Orange, Whats Up?, Abstract, Fences, Color, Glamour, Connected, Patterns II, Emptiness, Patterns I, Color, Man, Monkey, Cabin Fever, Motion, Funky, Black&White, Woman, Eating, Superficial, Best 2003, Macro, Treasured, Serenity, Desire, Bliss, Night Lights, Childhood, Discipline, Games, Structure, Wild, Mystical, Foreign, Thankful, Kitchen, Gatherings, Ego, Bridges, Work, No Entry, Signs, Downtown, Waiting, Rural