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Photography by Dale Hudjik
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Photo Friday - 8OCT04 - FootBridge (Goldbar Park)

The 'extra' Photo Friday challenge lead me to a footbridge, near a park called 'Gold Bar'... The photos were taken September 26, 2004 at around 6:30am when the sun was just starting to come up... [This photo essay is dedicated to those that cannot see. Refer to the last image.]


"Hi mom!" Hearts of gold: A very friendly group of early morning runners. The last photo in the series shows why they were out running.


The bridge's boardwalk wet with rain and shining golden.





A golden sunrise.

oil refinery

New gold: An oil refinery.

do not remove sign

Do not remove sign.

panning for gold

Old gold: Panning for gold. (It is a hobby for some. I understand the river is not all that productive.)

bike underwater

A bike underwater in the river.

carved initials

We want it to last like gold.

carved love heart

carved word yo

Geese preparing to migrate south.




grass with dew

Grass with morning dew.

nut and bolt

A close up of a nut and bolt on the bridge.

dew on post

Just dew on a bright orange post blocking vehicles from coming on to the footbridge.

scratched wood

Someone scratched the bridge up with a knife. Maybe they were scratching their initials off the wood.

old paint on wood

Old paint on a panel on the boardwalk.

golden leaves

Golden autumn leaves.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

I would like to end with the reason the runners were out running so early in the morning: They were raising funds for the blind...

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