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Photography by Dale Hudjik
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Photofriday - 20MAY05 - Green

Things are 'greening up'...

Phototime Tuesday - 24FEB04 - Green

In a place where winter white has replaced green, green is a great choice for a photographic theme. Green means nature. It is soothing, refreshing and healing. Although green is ubiquitous, green can really stand out when it's in a place that it is not expected. Think of green hair or green ketchup. I think that green looks best when it is accented by brilliant floral colors.

The first picture is a fan palm leaf. The second is the classic aspen leaf. The last of course is a waterlily leaf accented by a pink flower.

Fan Palm Leaf

Aspen Leaf

Water Lily Flower

Have some more fun! See my new galleries: Winter Swing, Winter Holga, Breaking the Ice.

winter swing

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