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Photography by Dale Hudjik
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8DEC05 - Winter Blues

After being sick with some cold virus for over two months, I have finally shaken it. It was good to go outside and to feel semi-conscious again.

Shaking the Winter Blues...

I went to a spot that I usually go to in the winter time to look for owls to photograph. They were not there yet. But there was a "storm" of smaller birds enjoying the sunshine. I stood still and they got comfortable with my presence. About 30 birds of about 5 or more species came buzzing by flying just a couple of meters away. I was surprised by how much noise they made. It was a beautiful afternoon. Here are some of the images I saw...

Blue Jay

A Blue Jay screeching.

Burnt Tree

A fire burn through this trail in the summertime.

Cow Parsnip

Dry weeds stand out in the snow.

Tracks in the Snow

Car tracks in the snow.

Animal Trail in the Snow

Animal tracks going across a pond.

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