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Photography by Dale Hudjik
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18FEB08 - Family Day

In Alberta, February 18th is a day to celebrate the family. We spent the day by 1) sleeping in; 2) going to a wonderful tour of a local TV station (CityTV); 3) eating out; 4) listening to load music and playing with cardboard boxes and other excellent construction materials in Churchill Square; 5) the kids had their faces painted with a soccer ball and a lightening bolt respectively; 6) watching folk dancing at Winspear Centre for Music; and 7) finished up the afternoon by eating bannana flavoured cotton candy. In other words, it was a very full day!

little boy in the green room

My son pretending to get ready in the green room of CityTV.

two boys in front of a green screen

Two boys in front of a green screen doing the 'weather report'.

little boy observing a TV control room

Little boy observing a TV control room.

weather boy

The Weather Boy: "There will be cookies followed by more cookies..."

dancers at Winspear Centre in Edmonton

Dancers at Winspear Centre for Music in Edmonton.

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