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Photography by Dale Hudjik
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Theme Thursday - 04MAR04 - Desperation

Even when one feels that there is no hope, there always is someone that will reach out to us.

I am adding this comment in explanation of the photo I choose for this theme.

I not sure many people would think of a tree as a symbol of desperation, but a long time ago I read a novel by Sartre called Nausea where the hero falls into despair while sitting under a chestnut tree. The organic shapes of the tree trigger a sort of sickness in him and he has a negative epiphany where he comes to the realization that, and I looked up the quote to get it right, that "every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness and dies by chance". Sort of a reverse revelation that Newton would have had under the apocryphal apple tree: that nature was purposeful, governed by intelligible laws and mathematically beautiful.

Anyhow, I choose this particular picture because the trees, dormant for the winter on a grey cloudy day, seemed to me to be reaching out and touching each other. I see trees as long-lived providers of food, oxygen, shade and shelter. I see every one of them as being unique and the patterns their branches make for me are visual music just as compelling as the most soulful improvised jazz.

Two Trees

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winter swing

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