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Photography by Dale Hudjik
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15MAY05 - A Warm Day

Today was a beautiful and warm day, probably the first of the year. It is important to me to get outside and enjoy the good weather, because summer is so short here in the north. So I took my family to the Devonian Botanical Gardens, just outside of Edmonton (Canada). Although the flowers were still not in bloom, it was a great place for my little ones to run and play.

The cherry trees were already buzzing with bees - so I took a few pictures of them from a distance using a telephoto lens with several extension tubes. This let me take photos of the insects from a distance of about 1 1/2 meters, which kept them undisturbed and calm.

I made the photos of the butterflies in a special 'greenhouse' they have there. A local photography club was taking pictures of the butterflies too, so I had some company. One of the butterflies is feeding on a snack of strawberries that one of the photographers brought for herself.





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