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Photography by Dale Hudjik
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25MAY05 - Of Tea and Swans

Two completely unrelated photos. The tea, dried rose buds, smells and tastes wonderful. Just one of a number of teas that I picked up at The Tea Place on St Albert's Trail. Some of the poetic names of the teas are 1000 Day Flower, Pur-erh Mini Tou Cha and Pai Mu Tan. 1000 Day Flowers are hand tied balls of Green Tea. When infused, the ball opens up a little red peach flower emerges. Pur-erh Mini Tou Cha is aged tea shaped in the form of tiny birds nests. Pai Mu Tan is white tea with a subtle sweet flavour.

The next picture is a rare Trumpeter Swan in all its splender. I found a group of at least four swans and plan to take many more pictures of them over the next few weeks...

Rose Tea

Trumpeter Swan

5/5/26 After looking at the image of the swan, I think the jpg compression and contrast enhancement were applied a little too aggressively. Thanks to the wonders of RAW files, here is 'take two':) The photo was a handheld shot at the outermost limit of my longest lens so this is probably the best that can be done under the circumstances.

Trumpeter Swan

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