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Photography by Dale Hudjik
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28DEC05 - Best of 2005 (PhotoFriday) A View

As a photographer, I love the morning light the best. To me, it is more than just a stream of photons from our neighbour star. It is life itself.

The viewpoint of a photographer...

A Young Photographer Concentrating

Concentrate hard to see beyond the light.

Boy Photographing a Bench

A bench or a place of infinite peace and rest?

A Wolf in the Distance

A view from the bench: A distant lone wolf on a lake.

Trees in the Morning Light

The first rays of light wake up the world.

Light Thru Trees

The light breaths life into the day.

Light Thru Trees

Absolute stillness of a leaf.

Light Thru Trees

The morning light shining off of frosty grass. Absolute silence. Absolute peace.

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