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Thursday Challenge Interviews...

Greg Tee (Gregz)

Here is a favorite photo selected by Greg ..


Greg said: This has to be one of the best photo's I made in 2004, I was walking on the beach on december 26th. Little did I know what was happening on the other side of the world. The sea was calm and friendly on our side..

Tell us about a recent book that you read or movie that you have seen. What was most interesting about it?

Currently I am reading "The Jigsaw Man: The Remarkable Career of Britain's Foremost Criminal Psychologist" a very vivid insight into criminal minds and psychology.

What is your favorite animal? Why?

Pooky my cat of course! But if I had to pick an other one I think it would have to be the cheetah. I love them because they are such an contradiction, predators but very vulnerable almost prima donna like.

Besides photography, what things do you like to do?

I really enjoy to hang around on the net and when I want some fresh air, I'll go to the beach to clear to my head. When I am at the beach I always have to take at least a couple of photo's (you can tell my vast collection in my gallery.

What type of photography do you like the most?

I love taking photographs of the beach in the winter or autumn.

What, for you, is the most interesting place or thing to photograph in the Netherlands? Why?

The view of Scheveningen when the sun is setting above the city (The Hague), is magnificent.

Tell us about some interesting places you have visited. What did you see and do? Would you go back? Why?

I definitely want to go back to my place of birth (RSA) and visit the Kruger park not only for the big 5, but also for the African skies.

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