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Thursday Challenge Interviews...

Beth Moody (Visions of Liz)

The second of a series of interviews of Thursday Challenge participants.

Let's start by looking at one of the wonderfully colorful images Beth selected for this interview...

red flower

Tell me something or someone that you would photograph if you had unlimited time and money. Why?

This one was your hardest question because there are so many answers that I could give. I would love to do a tour of Europe. Beautiful landscapes, great historic places.

What do you like the most about photography or photo web logs?

That with the age of digital cameras and cable modems that it's practically instantaneous.

I really like viewing other's 'photoblogs' because it gives me a new way to look at things and there are many places I would never get to see otherwise if for not others photo sites.

What is your favorite sport? Tell us why.

Well, I can't say I'm a big fan of any sport, but about the only sport I would think of buying tickets to go and see...would be ice hockey. It just seems like the most exciting.

Tell me what you would like the next book, movie or show that you are going see to be. Why?

The next upcoming movie that I am looking forward to seeing is The Incredibles. Pixar and Samuel L. Jackson..where could you go wrong with that? The next book I am going to read is probably The Lovely Bones.

Do you have a favorite place that you like to go to, or would like to go to, on vacation? What is special to you about that place.

I have been to New York once and absolutely loved it. All the stuff that goes on while just standing on a street corner is just amazing. I could fill up a memory card in just a matter of minutes there.

Let's conclude with another of Beth's favorite photos...


To see and read more visit Beth's Visions of Liz.

Note: All images are copyright the photographer.