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Photography by Dale Hudjik
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7JAN06 - Illustration Friday - (Under the) Sea

A mixed-media sea horse.

Sea Horse Painting

The Sea and Manuelita
(P. Neruda 1961 "Cantos Ceremoniales")

She brought me here, the womanly sailor,...
I remember her,
a siren of rifles,
a widow of nets,
a little Creole merchant
of honey, doves, pineapples, and pistols.
She slept among the casks,
with the insurgent gunpowder,
with the fish just caught
  shivering on the ship,
with the phosphorescent dream
  of earth for an anchor...

I do not know
  where she vanished.
I do not know
  where she left her last kiss for love,
or where the last wave reached her.

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